I believe in Art, but what is Art ?

An endeavour in communication and perhaps in action as well. It reaches out to you; tries to make the world a better place; warns you at times.

Art came before words; what it expresses words fail to say as well; while art just gives it all to you at once, including its own opposite.

It is not very successful at reasoning; rather aims for the guts.

Art deals with matter and form. Form is intelligence transformed into structure, but no art exists without some material substance.

No "soul" or whatever you call it without some base in matter.

Yet a number of humans have problems with materiality. They find it dirty.

As if thought, could debase itself in contact with brute matter.

It's an old story, with superstition in it.

I think one should be simple in front of art, take it as it is, receive it as a gesture of good will, a sort of gift, though there is no obligation to like it.

Art needs no explanations to be understood. It is in itself an explanation.

Who ever convinced you not to trust yourself when standing before some work of Art ?

I still believe it is worth spending one's life trying to make good art, although it may be a difficult life.

I never met an artist, even an unhappy one, who would rather do something else.